10 Things You Should Stop Doing If You Are 40


So, you are turning 40 and want to know what to expect in your 40s, right? First of all, congratulations that you’ve made it to the fourth decade of your life.

Now you probably thinking about what to do in your 40s and whatnot. Well, we’re going to tell you ten things that you should not indulge in after hitting 40 so you could embrace your 40s wholeheartedly and with grace.

1. Avoid Giving Explanation:

At 40, you have the realization of what is right for you and your family. So, you don’t require explaining why did you make a certain decision to anybody. Stop defending your opinions or decisions now.

2. Do Not Expand Your Waistline:

What happens when you turn 40 is that the poor dietary habits start showing up since your metabolic activity slows down. So, not keeping an eye on your weight and taking steps to control expanding your waistline can lead to heart disease.  

Things You Should Stop Doing Immediately

3. Quit Eating Food Like A Teenager:

You are not in your 20s or 30s anymore. So, your body is not going to respond the same way as it used to do when you were younger. You need to curb your cravings, stop binge eating, and go easy on junk food.

Things You Should Stop Doing Immediately

4. Forget Living in The Past:

Now, it’s time to move on instead of clinging to your past. Living in your past days, remembering your school, college, or hostel life is of no use. So, you need to switch your attention from what could have been to what you still can do.

5. Avoid Doing Too Much or Too Little Workout:  

Excess of everything is bad, but that doesn’t mean that you should underperform it. What you need doing is performing your workout in moderation. Otherwise, doing too little or too much exercise can be damaging to your body, especially after turning 40.    

6. Stay Away From Excessive Drinking:

Entering your 40s asks you to pay heed to your health status more attentively than before. And, for this reason, you should not drink heavily or else it will take a huge toll on your health.   

Things You Should Stop Doing Immediately

7. Stop Taking Your Better-half For Granted:

At this stage of life, when your other half has spent considerable time with you, taking him/her for-granted is a heart-wrenching behavior. You should ignore certain habits that you find wrong, but your partner can’t change them, e.g., snoring, slurping coffee or soup, burping loudly, etc.

So, start living to the fullest with what you have and who you have.   

8. Don’t Take Your Phone as an Obsession:

You need to realize that using your smartphone without any reason is a mere waste of time. Now, you are mature enough to not to indulge in those fancy online deals or appealing social media posts.   

9. Stop Running Away From Debt:

Nobody wants to carry the heavy financial load of debt on his back for his entire life. Hence, its times to do what is necessary for getting your finances in order.

10. Avoid Wearing Wrong-Sized Clothes:

Believe it or not, wearing well-fitted clothes, particularly when you turn 40, is a glorious feeling. Therefore, stop wearing those oversized shirts and pants or tight jeans anymore.