New Study Shows Children Are Better Behaved When Placed In Daycare


Having to deal with your child every single day may be extremely difficult, but that is just a part of being a parent and it’s all worth it. Then again, it is actually way more difficult to leave them when you need to go to work.

Unfortunately, there are cases wherein parents are left with no choice but to put their children to a daycare when they got no one else to take care of them when they have to go to work. Turns out that this could actually be good for your children, that is because of the early stages of interaction between them and other children, as well as interacting with adults, who soon they have to deal with when they go to school with their teachers.

Unfortunately, some people tend to make you feel guilty about leaving your children at a daycare center since they often think you are prioritizing other things instead of just looking after your offspring. The good thing is that there are ways that would guarantee you that your children’s behavior improves, so here are some of the most amazing benefits of putting your children in daycare.

Way More Behaved

A new study revealed that children who are in high-quality daycares are most likely to be better behaved than those who are not. According to a research from the Sorbonne University in Paris, parents who managed to put their children to daycare noticed how their children’s behavior has changed.

Experts believe that children are more behaved after daycare is because they are surrounded by other children who are also doing the same thing as them. If other children listen, they will most likely to do so as well. This is something that is often overlooked at home, especially if your child does not have older siblings to look up to. They are at a stage wherein they would start to adapt to their surroundings.

Improved Intelligence

According to the National Institute of Childhood Health and Human Development, children who went to daycare before going to school may actually be way more intelligent than those who did not.

This is because, at an early age, children in a high-quality daycare would be able to do activities that would be appropriate for their age, and these activities help the brain gets developed even more. Nowadays, children are way too occupied with electronics, often times parents would just let their kids play with their tablets just to be able to keep them distracted. At daycare, they would be able to do activities that they would like and for them, it is fun, since they are not by themselves.


Another great thing about children being in daycare is that it is actually a stepping stone for them since they would be all ready for school. Some children find it very hard to be left alone or manage to keep calm whenever it is time for school at such a young age.

However, those who have been to daycare would find it easier and normal for them to be going to a place full of children and an adult who they would listen to. They know it is going to be fun and that basically means that they would find it incredibly entertaining to learn since it is just like they are playing.

Efficient Communicators

Last but definitely not the least is the proven fact that children who go to daycares are way better at communicating than those who don’t. Since they would be interacting with other children, it would be easier for your child to simply listen as well as express their thoughts and feelings. They would learn more words and actions from other children, and they would also learn from your child. It is something very difficult for some, especially if your child is not around most children all the time.

Their communication skills would definitely improve not just when it comes to talking to other children, but also when they are dealing with having to talk to adults like their parents. If your child appears to be more on the quiet and shy side, then this is a great opportunity for them to break that, and make them explore their interactive side.